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  1. Beautiful photographs! You are a phenomenal photographer! With so many years of experience! Are you planning an auto-biography? It would be fantastic! De belles photos! Vous êtes un photographe phénoménal! Avec tant d’années d’expérience! Vous planifiez une biographie automatique? Ce serait fantastique!

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  2. It is remarkable and magical when a gifted and wondrous photographer has the ability, the compassionate sense to touch the lens, the aperture, the shutter release, to wait so very patiently for that perfect blend of light and shade needed to capture the true beauty, the pure essence of a fashion model such as Mademoiselle Shalom Harlow. One would think pensively and dreamily that one is re-witnessing Edward Steichen or Clarence Sinclair Bull photographing Greta Garbo some ninety years re-visited. Such are Monsieur Marineau’s photographs of this beautiful and glamorous fashion model as in his close-up during the 1993 Christian Dior Fashion Show or as Shalom models a beautiful blue slip gown in the 1993 Valentino Couture collection. It is pure artistic excellence interwoven with the pure grace and charm and beauty which create something as pure and magical as the wisp of the wind which brushes a tiny flower. Merci Guy pour votre Fine Art de la Photographie!

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  3. Chère Shalom,
    « Une sonnet d’amour inspiré par la M. Marineau photo de Vous à Genny 1998 »

    1. Shalom est pure béauté quand elle regarde ensorcellante dans une caméra.
    2. La combinaison de soie elle est mannequine à Genny est si diaphane et légère
    3. j’essaye vainement imitater sa belle féminité mais je manque.
    4. Shalom est fluette et élancée, sa délicate entière corps me tombes en extase
    5. et j’éspère je porterais telle une robe et promenade à côté de soi,
    6. ne serait-ce que dans une belle rêve, comme une intermède soigneuse dans ma vie.
    7. Shalom est pure allèchement: sa cheveux, ses yeux, ses épaules, sa poitrine
    8. me captivent et je regarde fixement je souhait comme la photo serait une fenêtre.
    9. Ohh, mais je seulement une poétess dévouée, une fée dépérissement.
    10. Cependant, sa béauté est si crée divinement, sa béauté si enchaînée et entrelaçant,
    11. je suis transformosé dans corps, renus dans esprit, et sa belle étreinte éthétique
    12. séduire et envoie ma pathétique âme ouvrage fait de pièces et de morceaux
    13. dans ses ombres yeux profondes où seulement la tendresse de la belle enchantress
    14. peut me sauve du vide et vaines mots trop bas de fonds. Mais sa caresse est pure.

    Comme une fée-femme, je suis la tienne,
    Love, Dove Willow
    08 novembra 2017, 12:15-2:15 PM EST

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  4. « In humble honour to the photograph of Shalom Harlow by Guy Marineau (Numero 49) at the Chanel 1993 Spring Summer Haute Couture Fashion Show »

    For the reader and believer in things and people beautiful and pure: that in the words of William Faulkner, « We may not only endure but prevail »

    She stood posing upon the makeshift runway in the old and ornate auditorium as if she were a princess flapper who summers in Paris and winters in Old Quebec City not too far from she grew up destined to be a fashion model gracing the beautiful designs of Chanel and Valentino and Christian Lacroix and Donna Karan and Krizia to be photographed by the wondrous and true artwork of Monsieur Guy Marineau. She could have been a lovely ingénue ballerine who promenaded enchantingly in a scene from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is The Night or one who earned a walk-on role in a poignant and capricious Buster Keaton film where innocence and unassuming comedy were essential and spontaneous.
    Her night-sky colored hair was cropped short. Its soft curls weaved and waved velvety dark above her beautiful face lightly powdered with the lightest shades of pinks and creams. Her dark eyebrows were finely penciled as a sketch artist using sharp quills and pens to detail the most slender lines of a Sapphic Muse who occasionally appeared to charm and be-dazzle other flappers and princesses and enchantresses of Fashion & Art. Her deep, darkly mascared eyes were softly shaded by her long, fine eyelashes brushed by the tender, knowing hands and fingers of an authentic artisan of the profession of Make Up. Her sweet nose was formed as a moonbeam from Luna where the tiniest sparkles of stars would slide down to teach the very young ones how to slide down a schoolyard slide with delight and cheer and complete gaiety. Her lips were glossed a darker shade of pink, some magical combination of reds and purples and pinks and, perhaps, a tiny touch of orange and peach. Her swanlike, pocelain-like neck was so slender only the most tender necklace could encircle it: pearls from the shores of Nova Scotia or ebony stones discovered in the deep recesses and niches of the River Seine flowing beneath Old Paris.
    Her diaphanous dress was as light as the air which flowed and billowed around her like a violin concerto from Mozart, its songnotes dancing in ethereal lovliness, like the gossamer wings of heavenly songbirds sewing their pattern of Pure Beauty upon her. The Chanel gown was as lightly pale pink as her skin which so softly covered her delicate bones and arteries and veins and her agile muscles and sinewy joints as if only the fairest and softest fabrics could enlace the lovely and graceful vision of this flapper princess who summered in Paris and wintered in Old Quebec City not too far from where she sojourned as a similar youth, perhaps, too, sliding down schoolyard slides, skipping rope, playing « Four-Square » and etching flowers and trees in the sidewalks with brightly colored chalk.
    Embroidered upon her translucent silken Chanel gown were fleurs-de-lys and songbirds, flowering just as naturally and dreamily across the fine curves of her petite breasts in colors green and in the exact same color as the shade of her lip-gloss as if she had kissed the songbirds in innocent glee and a coquettish enchantment which made the « oiseaux chanteuse » eternally hers. And their tender voices were as a chorus of pure gaiety and wondrous delight and a kind of fancifulness reserved only for fairy tales and beautiful dreams upon pillows of silk and velvet and gauze and tulle and muslin fabricated by the Queens of Stitchery and the Pure Art of Seamstress Magic. They were there for this princess flapper to wear and bewitch and promenade and pose in total magical enchantment and a kind of coquettish gaiety which was complete femininity and beauty and innocence.
    This flapper princess does, indeed, enchant and entrance and enlace me to become totally feminine, totally androgynous, totally hers. Modeling this gorgeous Chanel dress, her lovely hair styled the way it is in this beautiful Chanel fashion show, and posing into the camera with such innocence and beauty and feminine allure, i would without hesitation bend and bow low in devotion and adulation and adoration and love if ever i stood humbly before her beautiful vision: for she is a princess, one deserving such affection, such humility, such gentlelady submission. Being dressed as a flapper ingénue only adds and affects and affirms my deep devotion and high adoration and endless affection for i love that « look. » It raises to the highest level of definition that substance and essence which the pre-Raphaelite painters and their lovely, loving models and a few more-modern photographers such as Monsieur Guy Marineau have proclaimed in crystal clear illumination a different dimension of scope and meaning and truth. It transcends generations and turns any distance in miles or kilometers seem as if a circle has been completed, lost ways found, makes clear in moon-charmed, magical photogenic charm and photographic art that innocence and coquettishness are inextricably and eternally bound, that separation of such fine and wondrous virtues need never be done, giving to time and a magical moment something and someone self-evident, defined, and embraced in the Pure Beauty of a flapper princess whose name is Shalom Harlow.

    With tender love & devotion true,
    Fée Dove Anaïs Willow
    16-17 novembra 2017
    PS: I leave the translation into French for you, for sometimes interpretations may inadvertently change the real meaning and definition of a word or phrase or thought penned to paper. As the soft voices of the songbirds and the magical movements of fashion models, their language has its own kind of definition where sight and sound has shades and tones which may only « gray the whiteness and brighten the darkness » as Procol Harum once sang to make « a whiter shade of pale. »

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  5. Journale intime de Dove Willow, page quatre-vingt

    « My sincere appreciation and true adoration: Monsieur Marineau’s portrait of Shalom »
    ‘A sonnet in rhyme when a photograph is made, as when time is paused for La Lune’s Silhouette enterlacer une coquette être her maid avecdans sa belle enchevêtrement’

    Chère Shalom,
    Beautifully enlaced captured knowingly the opalescent nascence in nightime glamour
    her aura and essence, her bewitching enchantment in the blink of a camera’s eyelid Shalom’s
    glowing innocence: pale of skin white as a lily, contrasted with a Blumarine black lace camisole
    enveloppé délié in a diaphanous silk top and a skirt which flows and shows, in all how to make, to turn
    this transgender androgine her enrapt dévouée and gay fairy forever. Her curled and waving locks
    of nightsky hair weave overtop her slender ears and weave upon a tender saule —
    her day-dreaming poétess — complete femininity and total devotion and eternal love.
    From the wise and comprehending eye, feeling the intricacies of the lens of the camera,
    with the calm patience of a mage to wait for the attended moment to set the aperture:
    light and pose in perfect melody to send into the magical embrace of sight beyond measure.
    It is the gleam of a model-enchantress who beams such graceful hopefulness and softness
    upon this fairy-femme poète captivée to turn her and enlace her in femininity forever.
    It is the way in which she poses without pretending or even intending to entrance
    her willow dove to dress in fashion caressed by Shalom Harlow in Blumarine tenderness.

    Votre petite amie et confidante vraie,
    Dave Wunderlich (Dove Willow)
    21 novembra 2017

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  6. « Dans inspiration et appréciation pour la belle photographie de Guy Marineau de
    la béauté de Shalom Harlow (Gucci automne hiver défilé de mode 1993)

    Elle est (pas etait, mais est) une belle gamine Gucci déesse. Sa béauté élancée
    transcende espace et temps et matière. Ouvreant ravissamment dans la tourne de la siecle
    sa séduction délicate et pâle me tourné, aussi, m’ouvrir ma femme transgende, me faire une fée si très gaie, sa fée femme androgine totalement la sienne comme si j’etais été une lesbienne vraie. Photographié par Monsieur Guy Marineau, sa belle image traduit la vraie essence pénultième de la silhouette béauté, la silhouette grâce, comme si dans la châssis prochaine elle pirouetterait avec la soigneuse d’envoi d’une rossignol, la collante et flottant d’une belle ballerine tourner la cours de temps pas d’avant en arrière et d’arrière en avant mais la pauser dans sa pose magique et belle, etrancer et captiver et envelopper sa transgende tournant dans une fée androgine avec la minceur d’une gamine ingénue elle sculpte avec la tendresse, la douceur, la sensibilité, la sensualité, la capiteuse d’une belle sorcière avec la légèreté et la petitesse et la sveltesse: c’est comme si cette belle enchantress de mode etait une sincérité, une droiture, une unicité — avec une seul but en vue — faire une la sienne éternellement, totalement, fémininement « girly-girl » gaie. Et elle eut pris sur moi. Je suis la tienne. Je suis sa pansexuelle androgine lesbienne, sa fée femme girly-girl gaie vraiement.

    Avec amour tendre, Dove Willow
    6:45 AM ET, 9 decembra 2017

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